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There are over 3,000 people living on the streets of Atlanta. Through outreach initiatives, we create culturally relevant community service experiences for youth and young adults to engage with the

We need your help! We can't do it alone: it takes a village to be able to care for our neighbor. With your donation, you can help feed a person in Atlanta, for less than your Netflix subscription.

Your money also goes into training volunteers how to be the best they possibly can be, whether its: sensitivity training, resources for events, or just simply helping a volunteer out! 

Donate today, so you can be the change the world wants to see. 


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


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It was a new experience to be part of, something so much bigger than just the “haircuts.” It was an amazing feeling. This makes you appreciate what God has gifted you to do. The way everything was set up and how organized everything ran. It wasn’t as if it’s to make a name for yourself, it was more about the people that needed our help.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with Free Foundation to be of service to our community. This organization has created an opportunity for Barbers, like myself, to come and use our talents. Being able to give back and put smiles on the faces of individuals in the community warms my heart. 

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I know exactly how to describe my experience with the Free Foundation Inc., think about what it’s like coming home for the holidays, and everyone is doing their part to get dinner ready for the family…. That’s it, that’s the feeling every single time I volunteered with Free Foundation Inc. Not only is the passion of giving back and caring for those that need it the most simply oozing from their pores, but they have a magical way of connecting with every volunteer. I have attended events where there were hundreds of people there in need, and the small army of volunteers from the Free Foundation made everyone feel special. From the warm greetings, to the yummy food being shared, to just simply creating a moment that people could forget about their troubles, and just be human.

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I’ve been honored to be a part of Help Feed Atlanta, providing entertainment to the volunteers as well as those receiving meals. It helped me understand that Help Feed Atlanta isn't just supplying meals and music, but love.

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Volunteering with Free Foundation is always an impactful experience.  The loving atmosphere created by their leadership brings so much joy and excitement to everyone involved.

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Finding Help Feed Atlanta, through a friend, was my outlet and my experience was incredible! The ability to see YOUNG people serving and giving back in an organized and uplifting way was a joy to be a part of.

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